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1998's rally

Well were you there???

Well I survived Sturgis 1998!!!
Did you??? I guess you did if your
logged on here to the web page...
Then you did...

My thoughts on this last Sturgis???
It started out well, on Saturday (before the official startup)
I checked out some of the displays from the vendors on the West
side of town.... some of the big exhibitors didn't have their
stuff setup, and I couldn't get in... I never ended up back there.

So those vendors lost out on my dollar...
I met a few of my non-Harley friends who were checking out the
rally, some who have lived nearby for years, and were just looking
for the first time.

Well... the rain...
A lot of it... you that were there know about that...
(El Nino... I blame everything on it...)
I have never seen so many dirty $16-$45 thousand dollar
Harleys dirty in one spot... driving through the
campground, I could see a lot of wet, waterlogged
campers!!! Well the parties continued, beer cans on the fence
wires ect, and the standard show me your tits signs on the various
camp areas, nothing out of the ordinary.

Well I was witness to more than one accident. I urge all who
attend the next rally to be careful. Yes I know it is a big
party to those attending, but I hate to see the results of
having an accident.
The Races...
I hope I got some nice photos of the races. Nothing
like the smell of nitro at night coming out of a Harley.
I was also able to aquire the racing teeshirts of
my favorite team...

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